My New Favourite Shill — Part Two: Gerry Admits China Isn’t Perfect

Charles Lafontaine
3 min readApr 22, 2022
Keep typing.

Picking up from where we left off, a stunning revelation! Gerry can find fault in his adopted country. This is how you know he’s fair in his assertions and not toeing the party line for money.

Gerry Take #4 — I mean, it’s not a utopia or anything…*

…but getting around without knowing the local language can be difficult. So there’s that.

See? Not biased at all. Now, more reasons why America is Hitler.

Gerry Take #5 — Y’ever read something that you’re positive is a joke but the guy is saying it with a straight face?

[upside down smiley face emoji]

Gerry lives in China. The place where they are currently segregating those who have a different belief system and placing them into work camps while systematically exterminating them. A literal genocide against the Uyghurs is taking place but Gerry plows along at full speed without the slightest hint of irony.

Note that China refers to their death centres as places for “education and vocational training.” The “education,” of course, is in no way meant to change those differing belief systems or perspectives. Corpse accumulation is unrelated.

Gerry Take #6 — Gerry reminds you that you don’t actually want democracy

The distinction is quite clear: you can have a focus on the welfare of the people or you can concern yourself with the welfare of democracy. You can’t have both. So which would you prefer? A government concerned with your wellbeing or one that wants to keep that whole pesky democracy thing going?

Propagandists use this tactic regularly. They will separate a basic need from an inconvenient desire with malicious intent and make them seem mutually exclusive. There really is only one answer when the question is framed this way and it erodes the desire just a little bit further. Slowly, but surely, as these lies are taught from an early age and driven into a population, truth erodes along with it to the benefit of the party.

Why would you want self-governance after all?

In fairness, he does admit what the Belt and Road Initiative actually is instead of repeating the tired old lines about helping other nations, growing their economies, bringing prosperity, etc.

Gerry likes to refer to his social media as “Gerry’s China” which is appropriate because the country he describes only exists in his head.

*It took a very long time reading through many, many horrific pieces of propaganda to find one of Gerry’s “criticisms” of China. The few that exist are generally buried between more praise for his Holy Land and whataboutisms focusing on the West. Virtually all of them are as bloodless as Take #4. Ed.



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